Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kanush's Smile (2007)

There is nothing sweeter than a baby's smile and Kanush's is no different. However, the smile that I am talking of, isn't really a smile. It's what Kanush interprets to be a smile. I first told Kanush to smile when she was too young to know the meaning of that word. Therefore, she did the first thing that came to her head. She started alternately opening and closing her mouth very much like a cow chewing the cud. I howled with laughter and called the whole wide world to see her 'smile'. Big mistake. That became her smile. As she grew up she further refined her technique. She stopped alternating and instead only opened her mouth and showed her teeth. A casual bystander would think she wants her teeth brushed.


Pratibha said...

Her smile is still cute.... :).
She was taken to studio for a passport photo..The Camera man had a tuff time and finally nikku had to click the photo..The reason the camerman was too slow to take her smile..Love u beta..

Her mom

Hari said...

hehe... Good one.
I sometimes wonder how ridiculous it is to have a whole world, that has been built around the purportedly superior communication technique of homosapiens - the language(s), which in itself if you drill down to the core is completely different for one individual from another... And on top of this, we want this same world to be peaceful, harmonious, objective, socialistic, righteous and whatever-else-you-want-it-to-be-that -it-is-not-now... But the irony is, this above worldview is the so called sanest one !

Ms Cris said...

LOL! I think its catching, most kids do the cow-chewing smile. I think they realize the danger of actually emitting a cute smile. In the words of Dennis the Menace, that is bound to invite a lot of cheek-pinchers.

Lauren said...

Oh that's so funny! But I bet it is still cute!

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