Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Qualcomm (2004-present)

I have so much fun in office it's a shame I took so long to write about it. We collected some articles to contribute to the office newsletter and I've picked out the ones I liked from that.

Having the largest number of survivors from the birth of QIPL,Team DSP has made giant strides since its’ humble beginning in a nondescript shack three years ago.Ten people from this group braved the frigid temperatures of the temp facility and the unhygienic food of the first caterer and now languish in the stifling heat of building 8 and the worm infested food of our current caterer. It has been an eventful journey for these hardy pioneers who include SatyaK-the philosopher, Seshu-the silent, Amit-the Cacophonix, Adi – the failed swimmer, Ashish-the scorpio king, EEnadu Hareesh, Nishant – The lousy Blogger, Ravi-the echo canceler, SanjeevJ – the workaholic and Ganesh-the Khatarnaak. This carefree group was broken up in the name of expansion and are now forced to take frequent breaks from Dancing Singing and Partying to also do some signal processing. The architects of this sad turn of events – Iron man of DSP Sanjeev, Squadron leader Syam and Tools Master Satya, now lord over the group and ensure that the slippery scoundrel called ‘Deadline’ is never missed. Now close to 50 and headed by dancing director Dorababu, this unique and colorful outfit is characterized by being at the forefront of all non technical events and at the back rows of all technical trainings
- Contributed by Me :)

Remember The Time… (memorable moments by Ashish)

Remember the time…when QIPL was really small and we had all day outing to Celebrity Homes. In between games some of us decided to take a swimming break. Just after I dived in, I heard a huge group shouting my name…I thought they were cheering my swimming antics. J (But to my disappointment) They were pointing out to me that a fellow co-worker was bobbing in and out of the water – Adi was actually drowning! I got to him and helped him to the side and out of the pool (man he is heavy J). In any case, when I asked him why he jumped into the water in the deep end if he din’t know how to swim…he nonchallantly replied “I thought I knew how to swim!!” Till date I hven’t heard something as bizarre as this…

Remember the time…when Nishant Hariharan joined QCT…myself and Ganesh were having a conversation with him over coffee. He told us that he was going to get married in ~3 weeks or so and he wants to go to the Himalayas once before that to meditate (or prepare for the wedding? J) or else he will probably never get a chance again. How true he was…he din’t go at that time…he got married…became a father as fast as humanly possible and now only dreams about Himalayas in the few hours of sleep he manages to get.
Remember the time…Ravi Banjari was a vegetarian (who only ate chicken)…I once got some non-veg from home and he wanted to eat it. He asked me the kind of meat it was…after he took a few bites I told him that it was dog meat! He is still scared to poach on my food…

Funny Engineer Quotes (by Ganesh)

To err is human; to debug, divine.
To err is human, to forgive is Not Company Policy.
To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.

Theory is when you know everything and nothing is working. Organization is when nothing is working and everyone knows why. Practice is when everything is working and no one knows why.

"If it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet."

“There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't”

“We Pretend to Work, They Pretend to Pay”