Thursday, February 09, 2017

America post Trump's election (2017)

My facebook feed is flooded with news of what Trump did or did not do. Why fall behind .. I'm adding my piece to the banter.
Trump supporters voted for Trump because he promised to seal the borders, withdraw Obamacare, stop political correctness, block min wage increases, reduce taxes etc. I do not like a lot of what he does .. specially on immigration, but I'm sure his supporters feel vindicated. It looks like he will keep his promises .. which means he has not changed post election. That deserves respect. He won the election fair and square. Moreover, the republicans now hold the Senate, the House and the Presidency. Clearly they have more support than the democrats. It's their turn to rule. That's what a democracy is all about.
Post election the Democrats keep yelling shrilly about what is wrong with Trump supporters. Meanwhile they have no intention of doing any real soul searching and fixing. Many of us did not vote for Hillary because she kept changing her spots. I had no idea what she stood for and therefore I was ambivalent about her. It felt like she only wanted to be president. Not do anything meaningful. On top of it she kept hiding behind her team. Every time there was an issue, it was always Hillary's team, Hillary's advisors etc .. never Hillary in front.
The Democrats have also rigged the system such that only a party insider can win the nomination. I hate how they touted their super delegates to sideline Bernie. We need to get rid of the super-delegate system. It's not democratic. On top of it party leaders colluded to derail Bernie's campaign. When caught red handed they buried their head in the sand and pretended that is no issue at all. They also played the race card too much and alienated the white middle class. Along with the republicans they've played politics and created an environment where Whites and minorities look at each other with hostility and suspicion. #BlacklivesMatter is a seminal movement that is losing it's way because of the raw hate that flies on both sides. Life is unfair and hard for immigrants and minorities in every country. And it will always be so. To throw out statistics and scare them even more is not the best way forward. There are good people on both sides .. we need to enable their voices and build trust.
I first came here in 2001 and I still remember how welcoming the country felt. A melting pot where people could be whoever they wanted to be and would not be judged by others. There was no caste system or class system. In college, the janitor in my dept expected and received the same courtesy and respect as the professor did. These things are not automatic in the rest of the world and I love America for it. Despite the odd jerk I've encountered since, nothing's changed my opinion of the country. It may have some ups and downs, but it really is the home of the free and it will always be so. Too many of us love it the way it is right now. So Let's be optimistic about the future.